Internal IT Support for Business Operations

IT supporter for Business Operations: Help us pave the way for a better version of democracy 

Are you ready for an exciting IT position in a growth company with a strong transformational purpose aimed at increasing democratic participation?

Who are we?

We develop advanced digital election systems that are used across the public and private sector. We believe that everyone deserves a fair election where trust never relies on a single person or a vendor’s untested statement. We believe that elections must evolve into digital voting to remain a contemporary and accessible way of democratic participation. That is why we focus on Customer Success, IT security, cryptography, verification, UX and application management – this focus enables us to offer legitimate reliable voting solutions to our customers. We facilitate the majority of legal- and statutory required digital elections in Denmark, and we provide services to the international market for digital election products.

Who are we looking for?

Are you the kind of person who likes to make structure in a chaotic environment? Do you have a good technical understanding and like to use technology to make life easier? Does quality assurance, security and documentation play an important role for you? Would you thrive in being one of the first people in the Business Operations department in a fast growing business?

If you’re able to say “YES” to the above, we might have a match and you could be who we are looking for as our new colleague in the important work to provide top quality IT support to our fast growing colleagues in Assembly Voting.

We are seeking an internal IT supporter to join our Business Operations team. The internal IT supporter will be responsible for all internal IT tasks related to running a fast growing company enhancing the employee experience and satisfaction in the process.


  • Helping colleagues with hardware and software issues on-site as well as remote

  • Preparing IT equipment for new employees, and getting equipment connected remotely

  • Software installations and ordering IT equipment when needed

  • Ensure a high level of security

  • Documenting the process, to be used for ISO certification etc.


  • Strong communication skills, with fluency in written and spoken Danish and English

  • Bachelor’s Degree and courses in communications, project management or IT is a plus

  • Experience in configuration of customer-facing it-products and services

  • Skilled in understanding technical solutions and communicating technical needs and requirement specifications

  • Ability to work independently on your tasks in a hectic environment with fixed deadlines

  • A team player with strong analytical skills and a solid sense of responsibility

  • High flexibility and resilience

Programmes we work with

  • Most used operating systems are macOS and iOS. Windows and Linux desktops are also used.

  • Bash, powershell and scripts in general to make a stable solution for software enrollment

  • Cloud directory to manage all supported desktop OS.

  • Google workspace

Your job

You will be part of an ambitious and hard-working Business Operations team responsible for delivering top quality support to our colleagues. Our goal is to make sure the infrastructure is in place to enable our colleagues to do their jobs in the best possible way, and with all the support and access to resources they need.

Practical stuff

We can offer a full-time position with a competitive salary and the office is in Brøndby just west of Copenhagen. We require you to have EU work permit. 

If you want to know more about the position please contact Lila Carlyle, Business Operations Manager.

If we believe you are qualified for the job, we will contact you for a phone interview and a subsequent job interview


We look forward to hearing from you!

We will perform interviews on an ongoing basis and hire when we have found the right match. We therefore invite you to send us your CV, current salary and some passionate lines highlighting why you are the right match for us.

If you have any questions regarding Assembly Voting or the position, please contact

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