Boost member engagement and participation in your


Leveraging secure online voting, associations can increase member participation in decision making and reduce both operational costs and the time used on organizing and running elections.

Make it easy for members to take part 

Whether national, regional, or global, professional bodies or industry specific trade
associations often serve members who are dispersed and have different technical capabilities and accessibility needs. This makes it hard for everyone to have their voice heard and take part in annual general assemblies, elections, and collaborative decision-making, all of which are essential for the articles of association that define their governance.

Our election technology changes this by enabling everyone to take part and vote, no matter where they are or which device they use. Whether your members choose to participate in-person or remotely, our technology applies the same principles of security, auditability, and integrity, ensuring that outcomes of votes are accurate , accepted by all, and proven.

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Online Voting Software

Save cost and free up precious time

Making it possible for your members to vote online not only increases participation, but also reduces the costs associated with renting physical venues, travel, and distributing physical voting materials. Moreover, it frees up administrative time and enables associations to set up and run elections much faster. This means members can be consulted more regularly rather than waiting for annual or bi-annual events.

Voting within associations is often made complex through weighted votes that represent the shares or voting powers of individual members. Our technology enables weighted vote calculations, ranked votes, instant run-off voting, and the management of different voting groups all within a single election. That means complex and often error-prone calculations are computed quickly and accurately, with detailed results reporting instantly available. 

What do you stand to gain?

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More involved members

In associations, elections are key to select leadership positions and engage with members. An efficient voting solution that is advanced, yet easy to use for makes it simple to plan and execute elections. This translates into higher participation and improved member engagement.

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Proven secure elections

What sets our technology apart is our leadership in secure, end-to-end verifiable election systems, wherein election officials and auditors can verify all activities occurring before, during, and after an election. This lets them to prove that the election was fair, accurate, and democratic.

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Lower administrative costs

Online voting in associations drives consistent operational cost reduction, e.g. by eliminating the need to print voting materials or travel to vote in person. It can also lead to significant productivity gains by streamlining the admin of elections and voting processes for you and your members. 

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Integrated ‘live voting’

Elections in associations often coincide with AGM’s and during these meetings the ability to carry out ‘live’ voting is often needed. We offer an end-to-end verifiable solution (ACV) that integrates with our other solutions and makes both remote and in-person ‘live’ voting possible.

What are the steps to get going?

We already work with associations just like yours

For more than 20 years, we have worked extensively with associations of all sorts and sizes supporting their specific voting and election needs. These customers have harnessed our experience as well as the benefits of our solutions and our continual development in end-to-end verifiable election technology.

OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

We have helped OSCE PA, known for its role as a leader in election observation, conduct their annual assembly as a hybrid meeting with the option to vote remotely.

AIIC - International Association of Conference Interpreters

AIIC has +3000 members in 100 countries. We have helped AIIC move to a hybrid meeting format for their general assemblies enabling participants to vote remotely..

IDA - The Danish Society of Engineers

IDA, who represents more than 140.000 members has been a customer since 2007 and we regularly help them carry out elections for their Board of Representatives.
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