Protect democracy.
Prove integrity.

We provide advanced, accessible and affordable software solutions that prove the integrity of democratic processes and verifies the accuracy of voting results.

At Assembly Voting, we believe that all elections are important. Whether they are large parliamentary or local, shareholder elections or elections for unions and associations, we have an online voting solution that fits.

Everyone deserves a voting result that can be proven beyond any doubt because doubt undermines the democratic mandate, the perceived integrity of the organization responsible for the election and overall trust in democracy.

We empower customers to prove the accuracy of election results with end-to-end verifiable technology that builds on scientific research and advanced cryptographic protocols.

Online Voting Software

Proven track record of technology leadership in elections

In 2001 we were the first provider of statutory digital elections in Denmark. Today, we have grown to become a global leading election technology provider across Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

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We are building a mobile voting solution for
public elections in the U.S.

Assembly Voting has been selected to build a next generation end-to-end verifiable mobile voting solution for elections in the U.S. as part of the Mobile Voting Project launched by Tusk Philantropies. The technology will be available from early 2023. 

Online voting software for secure, end-to-end verifiable elections

Assembly Voting X

Conduct trustworthy national, local or private elections using a fully documented, secure, end-to-end verifiable system without compromising simple, accessible user interfaces for administrators, voters, trustees, observers and others engaged in the election process.

Assembly Conference Voting

Organize and run digital or hybrid annual general meetings with physically present or remotely situated participants with a secure voting platform. Allow in-meeting voting, quickly and efficiently, with a user-friendly solution that is easy to configure and built to deliver proven security. Learn how we can take care of your general assembly voting.

Leading organizations rely on Assembly Voting

We have earned the trust of a wide range of leading public institutions, private companies, professional associations and NGO’s around the world.

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Black box vs. end-to-end verifiable voting

Black box digital voting with closed source or proprietary operations are not able to disclose to the public how they work. Also, there is no record that makes it possible to prove results or guarantee anonymity. You should NOT rely on black box voting if you want an open, fair, accurate and trusted election in compliance with basic democratic principles.

Let's reverse the democratic backslide

Over recent decades, technology has transformed our lives. Oddly, however, elections have been left behind. This is problematic due to a a general global decline in turnout in democratic elections in national and member-based organisations posing a significant threat to democracy.

Tap into expert knowledge and two decades of experience performing online elections

We have helped private companies, professional associations, government bodies and NGO’s perform thousands of election events over the last two decades. Our team of experts understands the sensitivity and time critical nature of elections and what it takes to leverage technology to facilitate them.

You can acquire our products as a full service, self-service or on a partner basis.

Full service

  • We take responsibility for managing all relevant aspects of running your election event

Self service

  • We provide access to systems that empower you to run election events on your own


  • We partner with you to resell and support our portfolio of election systems
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