Entering a relationship with a vendor or supplier, it is of the utmost importance to know that your company’s data is being handled professionally, with integrity and confidentiality, and in compliance with applicable law.

Assembly Voting complies with the data protection and privacy laws that are generally applicable to our business activities. We are committed to provide customers with detailed information about our regulatory and security compliance to help customers make their own regulatory assessments.

However, it is ultimately up to our customers to evaluate Assembly Votings product and service compliance against their own requirements to determine whether our products and services satisfy their regulatory needs.

ISAE 3000


Assembly Voting is committed to an annual revision of our data processing activities by the standard ISAE3000. Our annual revision is issued by Deloitte. The Assembly voting ISAE3000 Type2 Statement of Applicability, is available to customers entering a Data Protection Agreement with Assembly Voting. Please contact Assembly voting legal team to obtain a copy of the document.

An ISAE 3000 Report (comparable to a SOC 2 Report) is the assurance standard for compliance, sustainability, and outsourcing audits. ISAE 3000 manages the assurance of non-financial information and is audited by a 3rd party, professional audit firm to assure that procedures and controls are in place and operate effectively.

An ISAE 3000 report is a stamp of approval, that the services and systems you use are treating your data with respect and in compliance with the law.

iso 27001 – Assembly Voting

ISO 27001

Assembly Voting is committed to run our ISMS – Information Security Management System after the ISO 27001 standard. The Assembly voting ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability is expected available ultimo 2021. Please contact Assembly voting legal team to obtain a copy of the document.

ISO 27001 is a broad international information security standard for Information Security Management Systems. The annual ISO27001 revision validates that Assembly Voting has implemented the internationally recognized information security controls defined in this standard, including guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management within an organization

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