Assembly Assist

Provide the best possible voter experience

Activate one or more add-on modules that connect seamlessly with our voting solution to increase participation and deliver the best possible support during the online election process.

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What is Assembly Assist?

Assembly Assist is a supporting solution that consists of three separate add-on modules that can be activated as part of an online election held with our voting solution.

The modules have been specifically designed to assist the individual voter with any issues they may have during the voting process and to support electoral administrators in managing complex multi-channel elections, in order to provide them with the best possible experience.

The Assembly Assist add-on modules

Support module

Provides access to a secure third-party system that allows election organizers to provide efficient support to their voters during an election. For example by resending election access codes or correcting their contact information.

Phone module

Enables validated staff to proactively acquire votes via phone by sending voters an email or text-based invitation to vote. Recorded votes are validated with an election code or other predefined security measures.

Digital voter list

Allows election organizers to manage complex multi-channel election events and ensure the principal of “one voter, one vote”. Manage registration and validation of voters, whether voting in-person, by mail or online. Ensures previous votes are erased and only one vote is counted as cast.

Photo 44 – Assembly Voting

Works hand-in-hand with our voting solution

Assembly Assist works hand-in-hand with our core online voting system designed to conduct elections by providing a fully documented, secure and verifiable end-to-end solution. 

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