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Our online voting system, has been designed with a special focus on security and verifiability. All cryptographic algorithms are inspired from academic papers and have been carefully bonded together to form a protocol that is unique in terms of the functionality and value it delivers.

Everyone expects a fair election

In an election it is the votes that count and the voters who decide. Whether we are talking about parliamentary elections or elections in unions, associations or private companies, everyone expects a fair election with a voting result that can be proven correct.

Our voting solution is a mathematically secure digital version of a physical polling station. The system complies with the same basic requirements as referendums or parliamentary elections conducted at a polling station. In short, it’s an end-to-end verifiable election system.

At physical polling stations, election officials ensure that election processes comply with the rules and legislation. The digital polling station is structured in the same way whereby election officials can check all aspects of the election as well as the actions of other election officials.

The opening ceremony

Before the election starts, the election officials must conduct an election opening ceremony. This is done via an election control application where each election official generates a personal part of a shared decryption key.

The key can only be activated jointly, ensuring that no one individual has access to results during the voting process. The opening ceremony ensures the system is set up to comply with the electoral rules in the same way as it is done at the physical polling station.

Once the opening ceremony is completed the voting can begin. Before voters can access the digital ballot, their eligibility must be validated. The voter receives two codes sent via independent channels.

The combination of codes is only known by the voter. Encryption in the communication between voters and the election system ensures that the secrecy of the voting code combination is maintained.

Voting is easy and anonymous

At Assembly Voting, you can contribute to create a better democracy in an open, collaborative and empowering culture. We are passionate about democracy and the virtues that protect it.

We serve election customers, but even more so we serve their voters and the legitimate right they have to remain anonymous and ensure their vote is counted as cast. Our shared belief in safeguarding these rights is what binds us together. And the same applies to our commitment to drive responsible change in our industry and society.

Digital bulletin board and mixers

Voters can confirm that their vote is correctly cast in the voting system by uploading a digital receipt to a digital bulletin board. All activities of the election are continuously logged and documented here. When voting has closed, a required number of election officials must be logged into the election control app for the election results ceremony to begin.

Before election results can be generated, any link between the voter id and vote cast must be separated. This is done through several independent processes called mixers. The separation is irreversible and with proof that no more votes have been added, altered or removed before creating the final result. Only then, are all anonymous votes decrypted, creating the final result published on the bulletin board system.

Making ’end-to-end verifiable’ a viable option for everyone to consider

Previously high complexity and high cost have made end-to-end verifiable elections inaccessible to most organizations. With our voting system, we are changing this. You receive a voting solution that is easy to set-up, meets all common election rules, is easily understood and handled by the organization, the voters and the voting officials.

Moreover, it is delivered at a price point that makes it highly competitive compared both to paper based elections or those that rely on ‘black box’ online voting systems.

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