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New to Assembly Conference Voting?

Are you organizing an online election event with Assembly Conference Voting? Take a look at the step-by-step guide we prepared to get you up and running in no time.

Photo 52 – Assembly Voting

Technical support FAQ

We’ve prepared an FAQ with some of the most commonly asked questions we get from Assembly Conference Voting clients who need help organizing an election event or provide general support to their participants.

A: Yes. They just need to access the site on their tablet via the link they have been sent by email or SMS.
A: Yes. They just need to access the site on their phone via the link they have been sent by email or SMS.

A: No, it is not possible for a participant to be logged in on several devices at the same time. The latest device that logs in will have access to the system and the previous session expires.

A: You can access data on the following:

Event data: These can be accessed on the LIVE tab in the archived election events after a concluded event. Here you can download ballot results, user module data and the audit log for the event.

Voter CSV file: This can be downloaded from the Voters tab and includes a more detailed log of the participants.

Auditing files: These can be accessed and downloaded from the Organisation level under the Auditing tab. Here you will be able to download all data concerning the backend of the event(s).

A: On the right side of the presentation, the participants have the opportunity to make suggestions, ask questions or sign up as a candidate (if this has been set up by you during the configuration).

Firstly, the participant clicks on “Amendment” and then “propose amendment”.

Here they will have the opportunity to choose which ballot paper they propose amendments to, if there are several votes, as well as describe proposals. Then they press “Send amendment” to publish it.

The same process applies if the participant wishes to sign up as a candidate.

A: If you have received an invitation to join Assembly Conference and have tried to set your password but have been met with the message: Reset password token has expired, please request a new one.

You will need to go to ‘Sign In’ and then click on ‘Forgot your password?’.

Fill in your e-mail address and you will receive a new link to reset your password.

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