Meet our leadership team

Bringing experience from all walks of life under one roof, our management team here at Assembly Voting works tirelessly to deliver exemplary service to our clients, no matter their location, budget, or requirements. They all contribute immensely to the company’s goal of making online voting an understandable, cost-effective, and cutting-edge way to bolster existing democracies of all sizes.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Assembly Voting, Jacob has been at the forefront of both advocating for and the development of online voting technologies since establishing the company in 2001.

He has an extensive background in the study of politics, something which informs his day-to-day work while motivating him to fight for democracy, and never hesitates to take time out of his busy schedule to personally assist clients.

Chief Business Development Officer

Camilla, our Chief Business Development Officer, started at Assembly Voting in 2018 and has been deeply involved in nearly all aspects of the company in her time here, including the development of our products, managing business operations, working with customers, and more.

Though never shy to take on any task in the company, she above all focuses on global customers and Partnerships.

Chief Information Security Officer & Head of DevOps

Overseeing our DevOps team and Assembly Voting’s information security, Sebastian started at the company as an engineer within the team and now leads it on account of his impeccable track record within the department and previous experience.

Trained in network infrastructure, he is not only spearheading our efforts at improving our solutions from the backend but also ensuring Assembly Voting’s compliance with critical security protocol.

Product Owner

As our Product Owner, Maria oversees all aspects of our offered solutions at Assembly Voting, including the implementation of new features, interfaces, election types, and so forth within them.

Consequently, her position requires her to be in constant touch with all departments at the company, from development to sales and marketing, a task which comes naturally to her as someone educated and well-versed in communications and project management.

Head of Scandinavian Sales

A member of the Assembly Voting team since 2016, Jess possesses unparalleled experience in the fields of sales, customer relations, and marketing communications.

At Assembly Voting, Jess primarily handles matters relating to our Scandinavian customers to ensure that all of their needs with regards to online voting, from initial planning to execution of a voting event, can be consistently met.

Head of Customer Success

Joining Assembly Voting in 2018, Dennis serves as not only the head of our Customer Success department, but is also tasked with being the company’s primary point of contact for our international clients when it comes to operational aspects.

Having a strong background in both customer communications and project management, he does his utmost to successfully carry out voting events and help customers wherever needed.

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