Together, we can build a democracy that works better

Our Mission

At Assembly Voting, we are paving the way for the sustainable democracy of tomorrow. We believe technology can make democracy more contemporary, easier to take part in and accessible for more people.

A position in Assembly Voting means a position in the heart of the democratic machinery, not only in Denmark, but across Europe, the US and other parts of the world. Our technology is unique when it comes to the combination of usability, integrity and security, and we are at the forefront when large players across the public and private choose digital voting systems.

What makes us different

We have spent two decades building advanced software that is designed to help private and public organizations carry out high integrity elections of any type and size. We are different because of the usability, integrity and security that our solutions offer. This creates end- to- end verifiable elections where all relevant steps can be verified and accounted for by independent auditors with access to audit trails proving the accuracy of voting results and unbroken voter anonymity.

Dedicated to democracy

At Assembly Voting, you can contribute to create a better democracy in an open, collaborative and empowering culture. We are passionate about democracy and the virtues that protect it.

We serve election customers, but even more so we serve their voters and the legitimate right they have to remain anonymous and ensure their vote is counted as cast. Our shared belief in safeguarding these rights is what binds us together. And the same applies to our commitment to drive responsible change in our industry and society.

What it’s like working at Assembly Voting

When people ask our employees they'll usually share some of the same things

We have a strong shared purpose​

We're not only driven by our commercial objectives alone, but also our idealistic dedication to serve democracy and our vision to make it more contemporary.

We have an informal and open culture​

We are growing, but remain a small and ‘flat’ organization where everyone can freely share information, knowledge, and ideas.

We see diversity as a strength​

We believe different backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, innovative, more creative and better at problem-solving.

We take pride in knowing our field​

Knowledge about democratic processes and the challenges related to them is key to find out how technology can be applied to solve them.

We empower people​

We trust people with the responsibility they need to get things done. That means you can move fast, and learn even faster.

We are human beings, not robots​

Employees are human beings and human beings have families, hobbies, interests and lives when they are not working. We respect this.

Job openings

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