This is Assembly Voting​​

We believe in the power and potential of technology to strengthen democracy by increasing accessibility and participation. But we also believe that technology adoption needs to be responsible, respecting democracy’s basic principles of secrecy, anonymity, transparency and verification.

Our Mission

At Assembly Voting, we are paving the way for the sustainable democracy of tomorrow. We believe technology can make democracy more contemporary and easier to take part in for more people.

Our mission is to make sure every vote is counted as cast.

We help private companies and public organizations increase accessibility and participation in democratic processes and tap into the benefits of digital voting without compromising democracy’s basic principles of voter secrecy, anonymity, transparency and the ability to prove this beyond any doubt.

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Our Vision

At Assembly Voting, we are passionate about the potential of technology to transform democratic processes. We also believe, however, that technology adoption needs to be responsible. 

We serve election customers, but even more so we serve their voters and their legitimate right to make sure that their vote is counted as cast. Regardless of election type or size, we believe safeguarding this basic right with an unbiased approach and being able to prove it beyond any doubt, is a critical success factor.

Our vision is to drive transformational change in our industry and in society at large with proven software solutions and services. Our solutions ensure that only people who are entitled to vote can vote, that their vote is always received and stored securely and that their vote is counted with accuracy and integrity with unbreakable anonymity and full auditability.

Our Story

From the beginning in 2001, Assembly Voting was launched in Denmark as an idealistic project in the service of democracy. Our vision was to use technology to build confidence in democracy and strengthen communities by redefining how voters could take part and make their voice heard. In this way, we wanted to make democracy available and contemporary where people live and communicate.

Today, more than 20 years later, this vision remains unchanged.

In the early 2000’s we developed our first online election system and held the first ever statutory digital election in Denmark. From here we expanded our portfolio of solutions and grew into a leading market position, not only in Denmark, but across the Nordics and Europe. Today we are also active in the US and other parts of the world.

We are focused on creating systems where the entire voting process can be proved and documented from start to finish. That is why we work with highly advanced encryption technologies and documentation processes. We also have a proactive research strategy and take part in various scientific projects aimed at examining issues that pose a challenge for existing voting systems.

Trust in elections is a basic prerequisite for maintaining our democratic social system and gaining and strengthening voters’ trust is a matter of creating transparency with respect to system design as well as accountability in terms of observer access during voting.

This is why end-to-end verifiability is a core focus. We believe it breaks down the barriers preventing wide-scale technology adoption in elections. Moreover, it represents a better alternative in an industry rife with ‘black box’ voting systems that don’t disclose how they work and make no record available.

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