3 Takeaways from the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Assembly Voting was thrilled to be a part of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023, where we spent two days engaging in important discussions about democracy, the role of technology, and more. After attending this summit, we have 3 key takeaways that we’d like to share with you. 

1. Consensus on the technology’s role in the fight for freedom and democracy.

At the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023, global leaders, tech industry representatives, civil society members, and government officials all agreed – technology must be leveraged responsibly and ethically to protect freedom and democracy. It was agreed that tech must be used to promote open access to information, strengthen digital security, and ensure that citizens have a voice in the democratic process. All in all, the summit was an important platform for discussing the role of technology in the fight for freedom and democracy.

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2. Democracy Summit without a public vote? We do not think so.

Democracy without voting is like a birthday without cake – you cannot have one without the other. Therefore, we are pleased that participants used Assembly Voting’s online voting system to cast their votes on a debate about banning Tiktok and select a Democracy Tech Showcase People’s Choice Winner. This allowed for an efficient and transparent voting process that allowed everyone to have their say. 

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3. Democracy Tech Showcase: young entrepreneurs strive for transparency.

Young entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia showcased their businesses, and most of them had one thing in common: a goal of increasing transparency and access to information. The showcase featured projects that used technology to promote open access to information about infrastructure and development projects or allowing citizens to request information from the local institutions in a simpler and quicker way. It was inspiring to see these entrepreneurs use their creativity and passion to develop tools that could help to ensure that democracy and freedom are protected.

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