Assembly Voting receives Innobooster grant

CEO Jacob Gyldenkærne discussing cryptographic protocols

We are pleased to share that we have recently been awarded an Innobooster grant from Innovation Fund Denmark to support our continued growth journey and expand our portfolio of end-to-end verifiable election products.

The Innobooster program is aimed at providing soft-funding grants to companies that are developing a new product or improving internal processes to increase their competitiveness and ability to grow. One of the key criteria to receive an investment is that it must be used to initiate new development activities, and the result of the project must be distinctly different from what is on the market today.

Assembly Voting will use the grant specifically to improve and further strengthen its Assembly Conference Voting solution that is targeted private companies, professional associations or NGO’s looking for secure solution to conduct digital annual general meetings (AGMs).

”We will use the grant to implement our advanced cryptographic protocols in the application making it the first truly end-to-end verifiable election system aimed at online general assemblies held by private companies, professional associations or public organisations,” says Jacob Gyldenkærne, CEO of Assembly Voting. End-to-end verifiable means that every single part of the election process including voting is documented creating the ability to verify the entire process from start to finish. This enables customers to take full accountability for their general meetings since they are equipped with the ability to prove that voting has been correctly performed.

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