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Citizens of “democratic” countries tend to think that living in such a place automatically makes them “democratic citizens” – after all, they are free to vote, run for office, protest, or participate in local democratic events. But can citizens of democracies who are largely

Assembly Voting was thrilled to be a part of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023, where we spent two days engaging in important discussions about democracy, the role of technology, and more. After attending this summit, we have 3 key takeaways that we’d like to share

In any democratic election, trust is shared between different groups to ensure that no one may single-handedly make decisions which may compromise the election’s integrity. Elections held through the internet should be no exception, but moving into the digital realm may raise questions about,

When discussing online voting, it is common to also mention terms such as “digital democracy,” “e-democracy,” “e-participation,” and so forth. These terms can mean different things to different people. Nonetheless, a common thread runs through them: they are about the idea of carrying out

Democracy is a versatile system that has the ability to adapt and evolve to its environment. One of the great advantages of democracy is that it is not a static concept, but rather, it is an ever-changing system that can evolve with the times.

This Interview was conducted and first published by Democracy Technologies on January 23rd. Find the original interview here. After years of build-up, the Danish voting company Assembly Voting is expanding quickly. “Driven by causes other than just making money”, founder and CEO Jacob Gyldenkærne explains his vision and

There is currently much buzz about the chatbot ChatGPT.  This chatbot is trained to mimic human speech when responding to inquiries and has received a large amount of attention due to its ability to provide detailed overviews of topics, answer questions, write essays, and

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