Denmark’s largest digital election act in the municipalities

All 90.997 citizens of Copenhagen over 60 years had the opportunity of either voting digitally or the traditional way by postal vote. Therefore, all voters received a physical ballot paper at the beginning of the election period including a franked envelope. Voters who are signed up for digital mail also received a digital letter with a link to the ballot. Even if you as a voter were not registered for digital mail, you still had the opportunity to vote electronically via the enclosed guide in the physical letter. 

I think it is easy, fast and secure to vote digitally. And when you have voted digitally, you don’t have to remember to put the letter in the mailbox – if you are lucky to find one. In the end, that makes it much easier to cast your vote,”

– Kirsten Nissen, candidate for the City of Copenhagen’s Senior Citizens Council

A record high number of seniors going digital
The Senior Citizens Council election is being held every four years, and in 2020, a record number of voters had set out to vote – and the majority of them electronically. At the election in 2016, 25.4% of the votes were cast digitally, while in 2020 the number of digitally cast votes reached 56.6%. In other words, the proportion of votes cast digitally has more than doubled.

The Senior Citizens Council of Copenhagen is the voice of Copenhagen’s senior citizens, when political decisions concerning the elderly in the municipality have to be made. The council consists of 25 members who thus have the opportunity of getting specific themes on the political agenda, specifically relating to the interests of senior citizens.

It’s nice but not surprising that so many senior citizens are participating digitally in the election act in the City of Copenhagen. For many years, we have held senior citizens council elections in municipalities across Denmark and the tendency everywhere has been that more and more feel comfortable with casting their vote digitally,”

– Jacob Gyldenkærne, CEO in Assembly Voting


The Senior Citizens Council Election is being held every four years. 

Assembly Voting was also responsible for holding the Senior Citizens Council election in Copenhagen in 2012 and 2016.

The Senior Citizens Council of Copenhagen must be consulted in all political decisions concerning elderly citizens in the City of Copenhagen. The council usually gets around 30 cases in consultation per year. 

In 2020, the total turnout ended at 56.6%, while in 2016 it was 25%.

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