Providing property managers in Denmark a smarter way to run general meetings

Unik System Design, a Danish company specialized in administrative software for the property sector, has recently entered an agreement with Assembly Voting. This will make the Assembly Conference Voting solution available to more than 450 property managers in Denmark who already use software from Unik System Design to handle administrative tasks such as rent collection, payments, waiting lists and utilities.

Assembly Conference Voting is specifically built to organize either fully digital or partially digital annual general meetings with secure voting. According to Lene Fredborg, Partner Manager in Unik System Design, the company has been looking for this type of solution for quite some time. The current COVID-19 pandemic, however, suddenly created an urgent need among property managers since physical meetings with tenants were no longer a viable option.

“Demand for a contemporary digital solution in this area was there even before Corona came along, but now it’s become a necessity to provide virtual access for tenants. In parallel to this, many of our property managers have paved the way for digital meetings e.g. by proposing changes to the articles of association regarding mandatory physical attendance” she says.

Digital general meetings provide many benefits. In addition to being COVID-19 free, they save travel time and significantly eliminate cost. They also widen reach since meetings can be joined from anywhere on any device. In their search for the right solution, Unik System Design placed importance on finding a partner with a proven track record and a user friendly and secure platform.

Unik Bolig is used by more than 450 property managers and 700.000 tenants. (Photo: Unik System Design)

Unik Bolig is used by more than 450 property managers and 700.000 tenants. (Photo: Unik System Design)

“Assembly Voting has been around for many years and they have a solution that is intuitively user-friendly for property managers and tenants. It’s also secure in terms of participant authentication and voting processes and it continuously improved, which is important to us,” says Lene Fredborg.

Going forward, property managers can use Assembly Conference Voting to hold two types of meetings. One is a purely digital meeting where everyone takes part via mobile, tablet or computer, and the other is a hybrid version that is partially virtual.

In February, an online introduction to the system was held that was joined by more than 90 property managers.

“So far, we’ve seen a very strong interest in using the solution and several people have actually said that it’s best solution they have seen in the area,” says Lene.

Assembly Conference Voting is a secure all-in one solution with flexible system setup, access code protected participant invitation and the ability to make changes in presentations and carry out polls. Voting results are automatically generated and end-to-end documentation is provided.

The solution is designed to present agenda items and voting on a big screen at a physical meeting as well as the participants’ local devices. Polls activated by the chairman appear as a digital ballot on participant devices and a dialogue function makes it easy to engage. Video streaming can also be integrated in the system.


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