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The complete platform to run general meetings with fully audited embedded voting

Organize and run digital or hybrid annual general meetings. Allow in-meeting voting, quickly and efficiently with a powerful and user-friendly solution designed to deliver proven security.

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What is Assembly Conference Voting?

Assembly Conference Voting is a secure and user-friendly all-in-one system designed to help private companies, professional associations, government bodies or NGO’s to run digital or hybrid general meetings and perform secure online voting as an integral part of the meeting.

The solution is designed to present agenda items and voting on a screen at a physical meeting as well as the participants’ local devices. Polls appear as a digital ballot and a dialogue function makes it easy to engage.

Key features and benefits

Secure and verifiable

Participants are validated and integrity and anonymity protected and documented throughout the election process.

Flexible configuration

Advanced configuration is available to meet different needs in terms of election type and voting principles.

Easy to use

The system is intuitive and easy to use for administrators and participants. Video streaming is easy to embed.

Virtual general meetings save cost and create faster, more efficient meetings

  • Participants can join from anywhere and on any device.
  • Organizers save time and costs related to planning, rehearsals travel and the hiring of physical venues.
  • Chairman and participants can follow voting in real-time with immediate results.
  • Fully documented audit trails are available for the entire process. Questions related to the integrity of the process can be addressed with evidence based answers.
Conference Voting

Virtual general meetings save money and create faster, more efficient meetings

Customizable configurations make it easy to create an election event that is tailor-made to fit your needs.

Before your event it's easy to design, review and test your different ballot and voting slides in demo mode.

From hybrid to 100% digital party congress

The Conservative People's Party of Denmark recently used Assembly Conference Voting to host their first ever 100% digital annual congress with +450 participants. During the event participants took part using their smartphone, tablet or pc and were able to propose amendments, stand for election, comment and participate in voting.

“It worked very well throughout the day. The delegates could easily follow the program, and not least participate in the ongoing activities and electronic voting.”

Jesper Bay Eriksen

IT Manager from the Conservative People's Party

Want to organize your own event or do you need help?

Assembly Conference Voting can be acquired for single events either as a self-service or fully supported solution.
It is also available on a subscription basis, which is relevant if you want to use it for multiple recurring events.

Single Event

self service
  • Run your meeting and elections in-house. System admin is done internally, but voter anonymity is maintained and elections remain secure and valid.

Single Event

full service
  • We help you organize and run your meeting and election. Relevant if you need guidance, have specific requirements or don’t have available internal resources.

Multiple Events

  • If you need to organize multiple or reoccurring events and want the capability to to organize and control them in-house.

Leading organizations use Assembly Conference Voting

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What makes Assembly Conference Voting different?

Our leadership in end-to-end verifiable election technology translates into clear benefits when election officials or auditors need to verify activities before, during or after an election. It mitigates risk by making it possible to quickly address questions regarding election integrity or the accuracy of results with an evidence-based response.

Assembly Conference Voting

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