Assembly Voting X

The secure and verifiable online election system, engineered to protect the integrity of your elections

Conduct secure and trustworthy national, local or private elections using a market-leading end-to-end verifiable online election system built on prominent, scientifically reviewed crypto algorithms.

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What is Assembly Voting X?

Assembly Voting X is an online election system designed to conduct trustworthy elections by providing a fully documented, secure, and verifiable end-to-end online voting system that doesn’t compromise simple, accessible user interfaces. Let Assembly Voting save you time by taking care of your next election.

With Assembly Voting X the entire voting process can be checked and verified by independent auditors and by design, the system ensures unbreakable voter anonymity.

Key features and benefits

Protects integrity

Audit trails and verification measures make it possible for independent auditors to check all elements of an election.

Flexible and user friendly

Easy to configure to meet specific statutory requirements. Easy for voters, election officials and administrators to operate.

Secure and documented

Secure voting software that deploys cryptographic algorithms to ensure full anonymity and integrity.

Leading organizations use Assembly Voting X

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Why end-to-end verifiability matters

Many online election systems used today have technical or procedural gaps that open doors to speculation or risk. End-to-end verifiability closes these by delivering proof that election results are true and accurate.

Distributed trust

Independent officials approve the configuration and share parts of the keys required to decrypt votes.

Voter eligibility

Distributed voter credentials from at least two independent providers ensure eligibility.

Vote secrecy

Client side encryption and the secure ballot opener app verifies the vote cryptogram.

Public ballot box

A bulletin board is used to register and verify encrypted votes and other system activity.

Voting result

Irreversible separation of votes and voter IDs ensures anonymity and decryption of votes.

Flexible configurations to suit different needs

Election types

  • Candidate elections
  • Candidate and list elections
  • Referendums
  • Collective agreement ballots
  • Multiple ballots

Voting media

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Postal (hybrid elections)


  • Digital signatures
  • Voting codes
  • Voting codes and User IDs

Voting principles

  • Required number of votes
  • Maximum number of votes
  • Weighted votes
  • Write-in votes (digital postal votes)
  • Overwriting votes
  • Ranking of votes

Making Denmark's so far largest municipal digital election act happen

More than 90.000 people in Denmark recently took part in an election held by the Senior Citizens Council of Copenhagen. With Assembly Voting X it was possible to vote digitally in a secure and efficient way resulting in higher turn-out and improved engagement.

Kirsten Nissen

“It’s easy, fast and secure to vote digitally. And when you have voted digitally, you don’t have to remember to put the letter in the mailbox. Eventually, that makes it much easier to cast your vote.”

Kirsten Nissen

Candidate for the City of Copenhagen's Senior Citizens Council

Technology leadership in elections

Assembly Voting X is based on mathematically-proven algorithms and technologies that are available for audit via open-source software. This translates into a documented system that is accessible for researchers and independent auditors to scrutinize.

Assembly Voting X ensures full integrity through individual and universal verification options for eligible voters, election officials, independent auditors, or observers.

Assembly Voting X is built to ensure anonymity and voting secrecy ‘by design’. End-to-End encryption in the electoral process and mixing processes in the result statement, guarantee voters complete anonymity and voting secrecy.

Assembly Voting X Technologies

Online Election System

We deliver Assembly Voting X as a full service solution

We take responsibility for preparing, executing and providing documentation for all relevant aspects of your election. This helps you conduct your election safely and efficiently without wasting valuable administrative resources.

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