Advocating for Stronger Democracy in Q4 2022

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Welcome to the Assembly Voting corporate newsletter! Here, you will find all of the latest updates and news about Assembly Voting. In this newsletter, we are excited to share some highlights from a very busy final quarter of 2022. 

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and democratic progress


  Founder and CEO

Jacob Gyldenkærne

We have said goodbye to a year marked by successive crises, the next often more serious than the previous. It is no longer an option to close our eyes and feign ignorance to the issues we face, in particular those concerning the future of our democracy!

Everyone has a responsibility to reverse the democratic backslide. To do this, we must do our utmost to create a strong, engaging democratic culture characterized by high levels of participation in elections and trust in democratic processes. A secure and verifiable electoral system is key to this idea becoming reality. Regardless of whether these elections are for national parliaments or the boards of small associations, trust in democracy at large is contingent upon such a system being available for all of them.

We have experienced another year of increasing demand for secure and verifiable election systems from a wide range of companies, associations, and public authorities. This indicates to us that the desire for free and fair democratic elections remains widespread, and we look forward to continuing to provide our solutions in service to them.

Based on our experiences in 2022, and in spite of challenging circumstances worldwide, hope for democracy remains very much alive. On our end, we are looking into a very busy 2023 with the launch of new electoral products, conducting our first public elections in the United States, and managing a record high number of elections in the rest of the world. 

We hope you enjoy reading about what we have accomplished in closing out the year and will continue to stand with us as we take on new challenges in pursuit of strengthening democracy this coming year.

Happy New Year!



Founder and CEO

Jacob Gyldenkærne

What are we covering?

What we've been up to

Moldova DemTech Conference & Alliance of Democracies

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This November, we took part in the Moldova DemTech Conference and Hackathon, organized by the Alliance of Democracies, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD). It was inspiring to meet people so passionate about democracy and technological innovation, as well as fascinating to learn about how we can use novel new technologies to bolster participation and citizen engagement in democracies.

SDWorx Dialogue Day

IMG 8576 – Assembly Voting

In December, we were invited by our Belgian Partner SDWorx to take part in the Dialogue Day Conference in Antwerp, Belgium. 

At the conference, we participated in workshops and presentations which focused on digital voting, improving turnout, and what to expect from secure, verifiable digital elections. 

In Belgium, unions must approve of the use of digital voting in organizations before it can be implemented. As we already have a successful track record working with unions here in Denmark, we hope we can build similarly successful relationships with unions in Belgium going forward so that they may also reap the benefits of using digital voting in their organizational elections. 

Assembly Voting Welcomes New Customer RIPE NCC and UN

Ripe NCC

We are incredibly proud that Assembly Voting has been chosen by international organizations, namely the RIPE Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC) and UN, for their annual general meetings and conferences going forward. The increased awareness of online threats and the need to protect democratic elections has made our new end-to-end verifiable Conference Voting product more relevant than ever, particularly for organizations with an international presence. To learn more about how RIPE NCC raised the bar for secure and verifiable General Meetings, be sure to read our newly published customer story about them.

Featured blog post

Photo 3 – Assembly Voting

Voter Participation: The Lifeblood of Healthy Democracies

For democracy to function as intended, it is crucial that a substantial number of citizens cast their ballots when elections are held. However, in much of the democratic world, voter turnout rates are stagnating or even declining. Read our just-published blog post to learn more about some factors contributing to the decline in voter turnout and learn what can potentially be done to boost participation.

What's cooking in development?

1. Alpha test for US Elections

Our development team is busy preparing for a big alpha test in relation to the upcoming 2023 and 2024 public elections in the United States.

2. Merging our two main products

We are in the process of creating a new hybrid product which combines our two main products, AVX and Conference. This will allow us to shorten the development cycle for new features. Our team is working diligently to incorporate new end-to-end verifiable workflows into this new system.

New faces in Assembly Voting

Say hello to   Benjamin & Alexis

IMG 8827 – lille – Assembly Voting

We are thrilled to welcome Alexis (right) and Benjamin (left) to the Assembly Voting team. This last quarter, these two talented, hardworking individuals  joined our Tech team, with each bringing their own unique skills and knowledge to the table.

IMG 8827 – lille – Assembly Voting


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