Conservatives in Denmark digitalize party congress 100% using Assembly Conference Voting

This weekend, Assembly Voting delivered the conference voting system for the Conservative People’s Party’s annual party congress. All aspects of the event were held 100% digitally, including speeches, political discussions as well as ongoing polls, candidate elections, etc. Assembly Conference Voting is emerging as the proven solution to meet the challenge of convening for physical AGMs both in Denmark and internationally.

This year, the Conservative People’s Party in Denmark intended to hold their annual congress in a hybrid format with both a physical meeting and the option to take part digitally since the party believes this provides members a more accessible and equal way to participate.

However, due to COVID-19 and the most recent spike in infection rates, the physical meeting was cancelled, and it was decided to digitalize the party congress 100% for the first time ever. The result was a successful and also highly efficient event in terms of securing the democratic mandate for incoming proposals and personal elections from the party’s highest authority.

During the event, the Assembly Conference Voting application ensured that only fully validated participants were able to view and actively participate. For example, by allowing members to propose amendments, stand for election, comment and participate in the ongoing voting. This was fully enabled by Assembly Voting’s secure and documented election technology.

It worked very well throughout the day. The delegates could easily follow the program, and not least participate in the ongoing activities and electronic voting. Moreover, we were able to convert the event into being 100% digital with only one week of notice,” says Jesper Bay Eriksen, IT Manager from the Conservative People’s Party.

The system for holding digital annual general meetings is based on the documented and thoroughly tested election technology from Assembly Voting. This technology has established itself as the preferred solution for conducting digital general meetings in organisations and associations with high demands for security, data integrity and user-friendliness.

Over the past months, we have experienced an increasing demand for systems capable of holding statutory and non-statutory general meetings in both Denmark and internationally. Our voting platform respects relevant democratic virtues and has been developed over many years to meet the highest demands for security, documentation and user-friendliness. This makes it an ideal solution to address the current COVID-19 related challenges of physical meetings,

says Jacob Gyldenkærne, CEO in Assembly Voting.

450 people participated at the Conservative People’s Party’s Annual Party Congress 2020.

Read more about the conference voting system Assembly Conference Voting here. Or contact Assembly Voting for a demo of Assembly Conference Voting on

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